Mail order and Online outfitters and ammo sales

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  1. DrFootball

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    Just wanted to get an idea of who folks like to use for buying stuff.
    I just became a member of Sportsmans Guide, and have bought from Brownells, Big 5( both in person and online), Natchez SS, a few clothing and Gear companies( Maxpedition, brigade QM, & 5-11. At Shot, I also discovered Condor...and besides the Shoulder bag I got as a giveaway, I bought a small Day pack from them a few weeks back. I'm currently testing the Maxpedition , 5-11, and Red Rock outdoor Slingbags( Small packs with a concealable pocket holster...)

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  2. Airborne1

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    I have used a few online companies to buy a few things including ammo and clothing now and then. I have used Ammo to go, Midway, Burpee gardens, and for almost a year I have been a paid member of Sportsmans guide. I have gotten more than the membership cost back from them in added dollars off coupons.

  3. Mercator

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    For ammo, I go through Ammoseek to the lowest bidder. For accessories, I check Amazon first. For guaranteed fast shipping at regular rates, Midway USA.

    I don't buy enough on the Internet to save with any particular vendor. Whenever possible I buy at a LGS. It is good for the relationship, and I get "frequent flyer" discounts.
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  4. primer1

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    Natchez has always treated me right, so that's where I spend my hard earned money.

    I don't mess with sportsmans guide anymore. I bought some boots that literally broke the sole. I contacted them, no reply.

    I bought a hurricane lantern from them, it leaked fluid all over my homemade walnut chest, contacted them, no response.

    Then there is the ridiculous ammo markups during the crunch.
  5. jjfuller1

    jjfuller1 New Member

    amazon, sportsmansguide, targetsportsusa, midwayusa, joeboboutfitters, brownells.
  6. nchunt101

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    PSA, Natchez, and Midway. PSA seems to be the most reliable for ammo esp 22.
  7. John_Deer

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    I get most of my stuff from the sportsmans guide. I have never had any problems returning anything. I get a return label with my order. If I give an item a bad review SG contacts me wanting to know if I am having problems returning the item.

    I get good service from PSA. I have purchased nothing but ammo from PSA. They are close enough that I would walk in to buy a rifle or other high end item. I have no comment on their rifles or parts.

    I almost always get my scopes from midway. They have free shipping and great CS in the event something goes wrong.
  8. DrFootball

    DrFootball disappointed & disgusted, But DETERMINED... Lifetime Supporter

    I wanted to add: I get memorabilia, shadow Boxes( built a "Memorial wall" in an alcove of my house, with both my Dad' and FIL's medals and their post Military stuff as Cops, as well as my stuff. My POS Communist baby brother stole a lot from me, and pawned my medals. Medals of America( .com) in SC hooked me up with a lined box, 4 different Shadow boxes with all the medals in proper order, and a think wood frame for my DD-215.
    They also sell some Gear( Packs, a few knives, medical kits,..etc..) a little higher then normal but I never had an issue with any item, and I have 40+ assorted Coins from them out of my 65+ total....

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