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  1. jgand72

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    Hey all,

    I have a Magpul stock and handguards on my AR, both in FDE. I am looking into getting a replacement pistol grip, and I ran across the Stark SE-1, which comes in a digital desert pattern. I read some good reviews on the grip (and i like the fact that it less angled then the standard AR grip), so I want to get it, but if non of the tan colors on the digital pattern match the Magpul FDE, it will kinda of annoy me (things like this always have :| ).

    Here's a link to the grip, do you guys think it would look right with Magpul FDE furniture?
    Ar-15/M16 Pistol Grip Se-1 Pistol Grip, Digital Desert Camo - Stark Equipment Group ... group.html
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    Bro if your looking for an awesome pistol grip the Magpul RVG is light weight and will match your FDE perfectly... And there cheap...