Magnum Research Desert Eagle 1911G Range Report

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    Hello folks...

    As promised, here is the range report, with my impressions of the gun.

    First, my initial inspection right out of the box:

    1) Lateral slide play: Less than a typical Mil-Spec 1911 Colt or Springfield.

    2) Radial slide play: Same as a Mil-Spec. If anything, I would say just slightly less.

    3) Trigger: a bit of vertical movement in the tunnel, but not sloppy. Nothing to complain about.

    4) Creep: Non-existant. If you can feel creep in this trigger, consider a career as a brain surgeon, because those sensitive fingers of yours could work miracles.

    5) Trigger Break: Had two different gunsmiths measure it, because I thought I was doing it wrong. I was showing 4 pounds, the experienced hands were showing a bit under 4...

    6) Stainless Steel barrel

    7) Stainless Full-length Guide Rod

    8) Stainless Grip Safety/Beaver Tail

    9) Nicely checkered and finished walnut grips.

    How it Shoots

    Did the first two mags (16 rounds total) getting used to the sight picture, and finding out where she put them as opposed to where my normal sight picture expects them to go.

    Then I loaded up two more mags, set a Shoot-N-See target at 7 yards, and went to work. Nice easy shooting, trying to keep each shot roughly 5 seconds apart, controlled breathing, etc. The center ring is 4.47" tall, 3.25" wide...

    Did the same, this time only one mag, at 10 yards...

    Next up, center mass sillhouette target at 15 yards, two mags, slow shooting...A few of the shots, I was placing them in practically the same holes. The center ring (not the bullseye ring) is the same measurement as the shoot-n-see I was using...[​IMG]

    Then, just for fun, I did up three mags at 25 yards, keeping the shots 2 to 3 seconds apart...I wanted to see what my rapid-fire sight acquisition was going to be like.

    Now for my overall thoughts on the gun after shooting it...

    Sights: Great, if your situation is well-lit. At night, I would probably do better throwing my shoes at an attacker. The sights are NOT your thin-bladed combat sights...they are very nice size, beefy, and present a great sight picture, but they are all black. No dots, no glow-in-the-dark, nothing. When my targets were in shadow from the interior range lighting, it was hard to discern the black target from the black sights.

    Recoil: Oh my God, I was beginning to expect the gun to produce big fluffy balls of cotton candy at some point. This is, without a doubt, the most tame, well-mannered pistol I have EVER shot.

    Balance: Again, unbelievable. Target acquisition was very fast following the recoil...negiigible muzzle flip, and once the slide did its ejection and chambering, she was right back on target, as if it had its own eyes.

    Comfort: The checkering on the grip is nice and sharp. This gun doesn't slide around in your hand when you shoot it...she stays put, but the grips are comfortable.

    Put 100 rounds through her today, (Independence Ammunition, made by Ammunition Accessories Inc., Lewiston ID, 83501) with each round feeding perfectly, no FTF's, no jams, nothing.

    Is it worth the $669 retail that I paid online in a Gunbroker purchase? Absolutely. I would expect a gun that is this accurate with this nice of a trigger to be priced in the $840 - $895 range. And it would be worth every penny.

    Planned Upgrades:

    1) Three-dot sights.
    2) Laser equipped guide rod

    Other than that, she needs nothing. Out of the box performance is spectacular.
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    Nice review!

    Have you met GatoPardo? He has some glowy stuff for yer sites.

  3. PTsouthpaw

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    Great report, and I am glad to hear you enjoy it so much! that is the most important part, after all.
  4. JonM

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    where are the pics of the new shooter?????
  5. DragonLW

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    0 my excitement to get the range report up, I neglected the shooter!

    So, here she it...[​IMG]
  6. JonM

    JonM Moderator

    interesting. it looks like the same materials kimber uses. but i would expect MR to be higher quality than kimber.
  7. Tidalforce79

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    Does this weapon have a firing pin block?
  8. doctherock

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    She looks great and a great range report as well.
  9. Gloves

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    Great report. I want to try the same with my Kimber.
    Good pics! I don't know much about the MR 1911. Is it still .45 ACP?
  10. danf_fl

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    Good report. Thank you sir.
  11. DragonLW

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    @Tidalforce79 -
    If you're talking about the firing pin safety block, then no, it does not. It is the Series 70 style.

    @Gloves -
    Yes, it is chambered in .45 ACP