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    I do not know much about scopes, all the rifles that I have had were passed down to me with scopes already on them. I'm looking into getting a target rifle, but my question is, how do you know what scope is good for which rifle? Also what's the difference between magnification? Any scope suggestions under $250? Thanks.
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    There are scopes out there at various price points that do almost anything you'd like to do with a rifle.

    You need to be a bit more specific about what you want to do. What caliber? A scope designed for a .22LR won't hold up under the recoil of a magnum. What distance will you be shooting? You may or may not need ballistic compensating reticles or adjustable target turrets. The range you expect to be shooting over will also determine how much magnification is appropriate.

    $250 will get you a decent scope. Expect to pay more for really good glass and the higher end features that longer-range shooting demands.

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    Thanks for the reply, I am considering a remington 700 in .308. By far I mean at most 500yds. The range I go to, max is 300.
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    I wouldn't worry too much about a scope being for a specific rifle. There are a couple basics you should consider like ... rimfire vs centerfire and the amount of recoil on large caliber but other than that a scope should work fine over a broad range of rifles.

    Magnification shown for a scope is the increase over your normal vision. 3x means the object appears to be 3 times closer, 9x is 9 times closer.
    A scope that is 3-9x40 has a zoom that adjusts from 3x to 9x with a 40mm objective lens.

    The amount of mgnification you "need" will vary by the type of targets you shoot and the distance you will be shooting. I use a 15x for steel targets out to 1000 yds but it is an extremely high quality scope with excellent resolution. Some inexpensive scopes have such poor optical quality that people think they need more magnification but it is really due to poor resolution. It is also possible to get too much magnification for a given set of conditions.

    In the $250 range it will be hard to get a good scope with more than a 9x max but in that range Redfield, Burris and Nikon are my picks. That should be plenty for 100-300 (out to 500 depending on the target).
    If you are out past 300 on small targets you might want more than 9x, I would suggest looking at Vortex Crossfire II and Diamondbacks (I can't suggest the high power BSAs, Barska etc) or double/triple your budget if you plan to shoot over 500 yds and want good optical quality.
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    It is simple common sense.:)
    You ask your self 'what am I going to use this rifle for most of the time'?
    If it is hunting and you will not be hunting in VERY close cover the standard 3x9 is a good choice. If you are going to hunting in close cover or with a rifle with limited range (200 yds or less) I would suggest a 1x4 or 1.5x5. My favorite hunting scope is a 1.75x6 Leupold (the 2x7 is fine too).:)
    But if you are going to 'target shoot' you have to tailor the scope to what type of target shooting you want to do. Some use simple 3x9's and others go up to 32x. Just use a little commonsense, but it has been my observation that many shooters have a tendency to WAY over scope their rifles!:confused:
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    JR is right, most shooters do use way to much, cheap scope. For a scope that fits your specs and is not bad I would look at a Weaver V10. 2-10x38mm. It also makes close shots easy if you want to hunt. I was punching paper to 700 yards w/ a 6-24x40mmAO, I changed to a 3-12x42mmAO because it was more practical. I'm good w/ 400 yards these days.
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    Does anyone know if it is possible to run a 4x magnifier with a 2x red dot sight?