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    While looking around for youtube vids for smart carry holsters, I saw a video for an offshoot brand called tactipac. On there website they also sell an item called MAGNEPAC. It is a screwable/stickable handgun/firearm retention item that utilizes two strong magnets. This appears to be a very well made product. I can think of dozens of places and situations were this would be very handy and usefull. Enjoy.

    TactiPac Deep Concealed Carry Holster

    [ame=]YouTube - MagnePac Concealed Carry Weapons Holster by TactiPac[/ame]
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    I like the concept. Seems like a great idea. Has anyone here tried this?

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    I ran across a video on how to make your own on youtube last year. Go to Hobby Lobby for the supplies and if you can make it out of there alive you are all set. I didn't save the link for it, but it is straight forward, some stiff plastic, strong magnets, and he used shrink wrap from an auto store to hold it all together. Just screw it to the bottom of your desk, back of the headboard, etc.