Magazine springs.

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    My main concern is, if you have to leave those magazines loaded for personal defense, and they aren't fired that often, how often do you, (if at all need to replace the springs for those magazines?) Specifically for a 1911, beretta 92FS my main carry, and a p-64 makarov, finding springs for the makarov, beretta and 1911 variants (8 and 7 round mags), are easy enough. I know there are special springs out there for certain types of mags and types of firearms, but would it be best to stock up on springs for magazines and not have to wait for a replacement if the magazine has problems, or a weak spring? Just thoughts on what you guys normally do. On another note the p-64 mags haven't had one FTF yet with rounds I have put down range being just over 200, but the magazines are really old that came stock with it.
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    Springs do not wear out or lose their spring from being compressed within their design. They wear out from going thru extend/compress/extend/compress cycles. There is a documented case of a 1911 found with a mag that had been stored loaded for about 70+ years. Shot just fine.

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    C3shooter is correct.