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    Over the past few years i have bought seven .40 caliber pistols. Some were good, some were bad. One thing that kept popping up was that most of them had what looked like basicly the same type of magazine from the same manufactor. Some of the ones that come to mind are, taurus, desert eagle, witness, cz, etc.

    I am wondering who the maker of these mags is, so perhaps someone can shed some light on this. The reason i'm asking is that i have two of these pistols from the same maker that are new, and simply don't work. As i write this both are on their way back to the maker, one for the second time, they are both junk, and no matter how well they work when they come back, both will be gone as soon as they get here.

    I do plan to write a review when they come back and will keep strictly to the facts, maybe they will be perfect, and if so, thats what i will report. (i will give both of them a 100 rds. of good factory ammo) If not, then thats what i'll report. Anyway, who makes the mags for these pistols that i listed above? Thanks, blue
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    I know Mec Gar makes the factory supplied mags for CZ pistols. I think they may make them for Kimber as well. Anyhow, they do contracts for several companies. As far as I know they are regarded as one of, if not the, best manufacturer in the after market. Shearer makes after market mags for Glocks that are appear to be good quality.

    There are several quality after market makers for 1911 style pistols but I can only comment on Brown and Shooting Star. The latter didn't make a good impression. If only I had a polymer 1911... Wouldn't rust when I use it for a boat anchor. :D

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    The EAA witness and the CZ-75 are pretty much the same thing from different makers/assemblers. The Baby Desert Eagle may be the same design (I don't recall).

    Mec-Gar does contract with several manufacturers for magazines. Beretta, Taurus and Sig-Sauer. Each has its own design standard that Mec-Gar follows.

    Even though different makers produced the magazines they will, in all likelyhood look very much the same. See your basic 30 rd M-16 magazine. Dozens of manufactures but take the floor plate, spring and follower out, and the look the same (except for USA brand and British SA-85, steel)
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    Chip McCormick makes the Shooting Star line of magazines. I use the match grade Shooting Stars and they work great.

    Wilson Combat makes the KZ-45, which is a polymer framed 1911--- happy boating. :)