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Discussion in 'Mini-14 Forum' started by Commocarl, Jan 4, 2013.

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    Has anyone found a good stripper clip magazine loader?

    I originally tried to use one that was supplied with an ammo can of 5.56 and did more cursing than loading. I looked around and bought|Make~~Model_1=Ruger__Mini-14

    Now I do more loading than cursing, but the cursing is still there. The first stripper clip goes well, but sometimes the second just turns into a disaster. It is still better than hand loading so I keep using it.

    So before I throw away money on another PITA device I thought I would ask your advice. Is there a reliable stripper clip magazine loader out there?

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    That is the only device I have seen used. You might ask the same question in the ammunition & reloading forum for better exposure.

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    Stripper clips and clip guides is in how you use em.

    They work best using a hard surface to ram the cartridges into a magazine with the clip as close to the edge of whatever your using close as possible.

    Pushing with a finger or thumb in the center of the top cartridge is going to jam em up every time.

    Showed my wife how to use one properly and she was thrilled with how easy the issue clips and guides work
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    I am starting to think my biggest problem is that I am not using "Ruger" Mags. The Pro Mags I own don't match up well to the loader. The first groove in the mag is too far forward to match up to the loader making it tippy. The cammenga may be just the thing.

    The only Ruger Mag I own is the 5 rounder the rifle came with. I know lots of people will only use Ruger Mags, but in my experience the aftermarket ones work pretty well at half the price. YMMV (your milage may vary).