Magazine for Garand instead of clips.

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    Originaly they intended to put bottom loaded magazines in Garands. Somone, in the Pentagon thought it would make troops wast ammo. so they came up with the en bloc clip. and closed bottom
    It would seem a not to hard project to change a Garrand to a magazine for the .30-06 or 7-62x54 round. they did this very change for the .308 round.
    Has anyone run across someone that does a conversion or has parts and instructions we could do it ourselves with?
    I had considered changing it over to the .308 but would really like to keep the .30-06 round.
  2. JonM

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    no clue about these poeple how legit they are or even if their product exists and works.!collection

    personally i would leave it as is and just buy a M1A from springfield armory if thats what you want.

    there is no difference between 308 and 30-06 when it comes to ammo that a garand can fire. in fact the main criteria for the adoption of the 308 as a military cartridge was to duplicate the 30 m1 ball cartridge using the exact same bullet at the exact same speed in a shorter cartridge in order to reduce the weight of the rifle ammunition and machinegunes chambered for it. both a m1 garand's 30-06 and a M1A's 308 shoot a 147-150grain .308 bullet at 2600-2700 fps.
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  3. SSGN_Doc

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    The Italians did several such conversions to mag feed and 7.62x51. The Beretta BM59 has a more Garand-like gas system than the M1a.

    Personally I agree with Jon. If leave a Garand as a Garand, and buy an M1a.

    Just for clarity: .30-06 is 7.62x63. .308 Win is 7.62x51. The Russians use 7.62x54.
  4. Highpower

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    ...... or just buy a BM59 if you want the look of a Garand.

    The gas system on the M1A is somewhat self regulating though, and is an improvement over the Garand system.
  5. CrazedJava

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    Have to join the chorus. Not that it's cheap, but get an M1A, don't fool with that Garand. If anything goes wrong then it's one less in circulation.

    The M14 was essentially an updated Garand and the M1A is the version of the M14 the govt says we can own. Frankly, I'd rather have an M1A than a Garand anyway. The Garand was good for its time and a great piece of history, but had design flaws and compromises that have since been addressed by technology.
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    I believe there was a variant of the Garand that used BAR type magazines. Never adopted but played with.
  7. CrazedJava

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    Had to look it up this morning, but apparently the Japanese in World War II tried to copy the Garand. It was their Type 5 rifle. The one improvement was that it used magazines, so apparently the Japanese of that time wasn't as enthralled with the en-bloc clip as our military.

    Unfortunately, the rifle was a disaster. It was unreliable, which makes me think it was a poor copy or their magazine feed system was bad. The concept isn't bad considering the Italians used the BM59 until 1990, but the first foray into making the Garand magazine fed was a boondoggle.
  8. therewolf

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    IIRC, the Garand design was modified for a bottom mag, the design

    was called the T20E2. But bean counters didn't like the 30.06 anymore, so,

    much the .45ACP, they trashed it for something more "efficient".

    But the T20E2 looks startlingly like the M14.
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    it look's neat but they must not be in business any more the web site say's they will be able to ship in 2010 but the e-mail address they give for contact is no good it just bounce's back .they dont answer their phone ,the mail box is full thats all the message say's .
  10. Orlando

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    BAR mags are the weak link in the mag conversion, many have tried but they just dont work well in the Garand
    If you want a mag conversion the best bet is in 7.62.