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Mag Catch



I'm not up on that certain 45, but if it's Like the colt 1911a1 or 1911, what you need to do to Remove it, Or make sure yours is in right, Look at mag catch, one side has a sloted pin? That needs a small screw driver to Fit that slot, then turn it, till It unlocks from the mag catch, be careful as that's under spring tension, once it's loose, it will pop up and away and can lift out the pin that had the slot in it as well as the spring! If it were me, I'd try to Pull yours out, and then re-seat it reverse order to what I told you and see if maybe it was not locked in tight, or look for defects that are not letting it work right, like not round or not fitting in deep enough and so forth! It's woth the few minutes to do all that, if not right, send it back, a new gun shound not have thore issues! I've seen 1911 45's from the 20's that don't!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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