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    I thought some of you might be interested in this machine handgun rest made from two pillow blocks, two Chevrolet valve springs, and some scrap steel and aluminum. Hand made leather washers are used for friction. The use of two horizontally opposed springs eliminates torquing to one side under recoil. Only one of the springs is visible in the photo. The springs can be adjusted for tension to accomodate anything from heavy magnum loads down to .22 caliber. The photo shows a Smith & Wesson model 27 .357 magnum.


    It has both windage and elevation adjustments, and uses grip inserts routed out of plywood with a milling machine and router bit. The machine rest will also accept standard Ransom Rest grip inserts, which are available for most handguns. The handgun's regular grips are removed, and the grip inserts hold the weapon's frame.

    With most handguns it will put 5 shots in a 1/2" group at 50 feet -- in some cases, in the same bullet hole. A machine rest is essential for dialing in either open sights or a scope, as it eliminates the human error element. The base of the rest is clamped down to the shooting bench with C-clamps.
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    Holy Sh1t, how many patents have you applied for?

    Your name is Rube Goldberg, Right? [​IMG]

    Just kidding, what a great tool!

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