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Next machine gun shoot in KY. is Oct. 12,13,14 and I hear there will be a large surplus of A-3 & M-4 parts there.
Several vendors have made comments that they have gobs of M-4 and A-3 parts and are looking to clean house at the Knob Creek event.

I'm taking my gauges and getting some spare parts there.
Usually good deals on flat tops, but this year they are supposed to be swamped with parts, so I'm taking my gauges and a push cart!

I'm also hearing the last of the cheap imported ammo is going to be there, so I'm going to need TWO PUSH CARTS!

I just wish they would let me drive my little CJ in there to pick the stuff up!

Anyway, if you show up, I'll be the fat guy in the back rooting through the AR parts!
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