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    Hey folks,

    I've got a cabin in the backwoods off of an abandoned logging trail/access road that is not maintained by the government anymore. There is virtually no direct road access to the cabin, as you can only drive so far before the road ceases to exist, and then we have to hump the rest of the way in.

    Anyways the roads that exist don't deserve the name, and it's up to the cabin owners to keep them in a functional state. Usually we bring clippers and chain saws and whatnot to clear the paths, but i don't like carrying up all that gear, especially if I'm not planning on doing maintenance. I was thinking of getting a machete, just a single piece of equipment that will suffice for 90% of the time.

    I have been thinking of a bolo, latin or kukri style machete. I need something to cut back brust, and small trees. - SD is not a major concern, and neither are hunting applications like skinning. this would be a brush clearer tool, possibly with wood-cutting.

    Does anyone have a preference? Types (bolo, kukri, latin, other)
    Any suggestions on types or brands? I don't know much about what good brands are out there.

    Price is to be under $100. Thanks.
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    I like the Latin style blades, especially for actual work. A great one can be made from a leaf spring.

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    I purchased 2 very cheap Cold Steel machetes (made in S. America) some 20+ years ago---I put a sharp edge on them and have used them for all the yard chores (huge yard) ever since. I think they were $7.95 at the time. My gardner liked them so much, I gave him one and have been using the other, a "Latin" style blade. I would guess they are probably made in China now, but don't really know.
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    I have used these for quite a while with really good luck,
    I have both an 18 inch that I keep in the truck all the time for small jobs and when I am hiking as well as a 22 inch for clearing large fields of brush or making new trails.

    Whatever you get keep it extremely sharp and it will work better. One trick I learned is just before sharpening rub the blade in the dirt, using using it as an abrasive to get all the sap of so that it doesn't gum up your wet stone. Just make sure there aren't any rocks in there;)
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    I was looking at the cold steel ones, but then I saw that they had gladius' and cutlass type "machetes", probably to sell to people who value looks over utility but it makes me lose confidence in them. It seems like the company is making some odd things to be taken seriously, but I'll still look into them.

    Any preferences on length? (first one to make a lewd comment gets pistol-whipped ;) ).

    Longer is better, or does utility peak at a certain length. I've seen everything from 16"-28" one-handed blades. (I'm not looking for two-handed ones).
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    I'd look at Condor Machetes. I don't have one but I've heard good things about them.

    They are made by a company in South America that makes machetes for their domestic market where they are depended on as everyday tools.