Ma Duece #324 Retiring

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    It's a phenom like the 1911A1. I got to fire a truck-mounted M2 in contact once, when I was on light-duty and recovering from minor wounds and out of the bush. My XO had mounted an M2 on a steel ring mount on the back of a six-by and was running up and down QL-1 at night providing heavy MG "fire support" to our teams in contact. Since I was an 0331, I talked him into letting me man the gun on one of his hair-raising forays.

    What a trip for me. I felt like Patton up there. I remember the big casings clanging around on the truckbed as I chugged rounds about a half-mile across the rice paddies. All was cool until our truck, silhouetted up on the dike road, started taking mortar rounds.

    But an experience an MG man like me will never forget, hitting those butterflies.

    The new M2A1 is still the same phenomenal weapons system but has a new flash suppressor that reduces muzzle flash by an incredible 90% so the gun can be utilized with NVS...and a longer barrel etc.

    Some things just keep on keepin on.
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