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    Hello to everyone; I have an old Rossi M851 and have searched all over for rubber grips that will fit this gun.

    Of course it is a 4" bbl six shot .38. Also know that it is a lowly liked gun by most but certainly want to find grips to cut down on size of weapon.

    It has the Brazilian made mahogany grips on it from when made in Brazil.

    Some said a J frame S&W would fit. Others stated that the Ros/C or compact grip would fit.

    There was a company called Ajax that carried parts for almost all of these products.

    They closed down shop, web page, and all of their dealings in one day.

    Talked to an old gun smith named Mr. Hogue. He stated that the pre-Taurus Rossi parts he could not even get.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance for your courtesy if responding.
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    Thanks rjgnwdc have found that before but wasn't sure it would fit as all they have is the ROS/C.

    If you know will fit will go ahead and get one.

    Thanks again, from the Piney woods of TX.