M70 Monster-Have you ever seen something like that?

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    In the last two days I met and old gunsmither who collaborated several years with the army.During our conversation, we started talking about the AK family.We talked about the Zastava M70 and its great reliability and very good accuracy.He asked me if I wanted to see something really special so we went to his warehouse.He opened a safe an shown something which, at first look, seemed just a normal M70.But it wasn't ''just another M70''.

    This is what I saw and had (in my hands):
    GAS PISTON:The M70 had a short-stroke gas piston system(symilar to the CZ vz.58)

    RECEIVER AND LOADING SYSTEM:The receiver was something between an AK and a vz.58: it was completely covering the upper side of the rifle, only the space to eject the bullets was left.

    NO LOADING PIN:On the top of the receiver there is a system similar to that seen in an AR 15(M16 & M4) rifle.If you load it, you must do it just like with a M16.

    SAFETY:The safety/fire selector was on both sizes and THUMB activated.

    MUZZLE BREAK:Similar to those present on an AK 103

    STOCK, FORE-RECEIVER,ETC: Polymer with rails.Stock collapsible-foldable-retractable.

    Honestly, I have never seen something like that(I know the AK family quiet well....but I never seen this rifle).The man promise me that he will let me test it, he says it is a prototype he started to work on in the '80.I hope he will let me take some picture too.I want to show you what I'm talking about.

    In the meantime:Have you every seen or heard for something like that?
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    You need to ask him if you could take some pictures I think we all would like to see that.
    It sounds like one of those unusual pieces that most people keep hid until it is needed.