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    caliber and gun. I own (more by accident than good planning) a pretty rare model 70 in the .225 Winchester. Ser no. suggests it was manufactured circa 1967. Better yet, the rifle is a Delux grade with hanging tag. It's the real deal, completely original, like new condition and the barrel would suggest few rounds ever went through it. With the rifle came photo copied pages with a history of the caliber and a listing of the rifles manufactured by Winchester (Olin) in this calibler. It claimed that only 140-odd M70's in the Delux grade were ever chambered for the .225. I am unable to trace the article or verify these claims.
    In summary, I was curious if anyone here could comment/verify.

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    I never heard of a .225 Win chambering and can't find it in my reloading manuals. I imagine finding or forming brass will be difficult and expensive, and since it was made in 1967, it's not a pre-64 bolt with controlled round feed. It would probably be worth a decent penny to Mod.70 collectors. It may also make a decent deer/varmint rifle.

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    I've never heard of a 225 win either but I would be intersted in most information if anyone has any.
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    The 225 went the way of the dodo. Winchester intended for it to replace the 220 Swift but didn't happen. Neck down a 30-30 case to 22, shorten it, turn the rim to '06 size and improve the cartridge. Not much demand for the rifle in that chambering, but someone would be glad to rebarrel it given a chance. Next time you guys are at a gunshow or such look for older handloading manuals, they tend to have the loads and details for these dead cartridges.