M4A1 Legality

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    Does anyone know if it is possible to get a M4A1 legally or some kind of different version that is legal like with the AK?
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    An M4 is a variant of the M16. M16s are Class III weapons requiring a transfer tax. The average price of any variant of transferable M16 is north of $16K. If you can afford to buy a legal M16, you can configure it just about any way you want, as the lower receiver is the regulated part.

    Now, if you want an M4gery, you can do that on an AR15 lower, unless you live in one of the soc1alist states, like California, which prohibits such items. Just buy an M4 upper, an AR15 bolt/carrier assembly, and slap it onto an AR15 lower with a collapsible stock. Voila! Just make sure that the bore from the bolt face to the muzzle, including non-removable muzzle device, is longer than 16 inches. Otherwise you need to pay the SBR tax.

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    Phil is on the right track but M4gery in proper times also needs an M4 barrel, which has cut outs for an M203 and the barrel is turned down under the handguards from what I understand. HBAR's, Government, bull etc barrel profiles are generally just referred to as a carbine in our civilian world. There are some differences other than the barrel on a military select version though. In all honesty unless you just like the M4 barrel profile or plan on getting an M203 or equivlant flare launcher an HBAR or govt profile barrel will work.

    Here is my Bushmaster M4gery with an A2 upper notice the cut outs on the barrel:
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    'A gun shop' in Houston,Texas on Hwy-6 @clay rd. can fix you up with any legal permits required. Or at least instruct you where to go in your state.
    Personal permits for M-16 or class III permit.