m44 extraction problems

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    I took my m44 to the range today and after I shot what I think was 8 shots, I went to eject the second shells out of the last 4 shells I put into the carbine AND IT WOULDN'T COME OUT. We looked into the chamber and the shell swelled up and plugged the chamber. I know that some loads swell when you shoot them. when we got home I messed around with it and tried to fix it and came to the conclusion that the bolt needed to be cleaned to the point that the extractor was so dirty that it wouldn't move enough to clip onto the rim of the shell and properly extract the shell after firing. My dad's 91-30 had the same swelling problem but I could always get the bolt up eventually. I know there are other factors that come into effect and cause mosins (including the m44) to do that. Please help!!!!!!!!! I shoot the old surplus shells.
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    I would beat the bolt open with a hammer on my own gun if need be. Even breaking the extractor if necessary, they're cheap, and easily replaceable. These old war horses have shown they can take even worse abuse than that.

    If you rip the case head off, oh Damn. If not, punch it out with a rod.

    Then polish your chamber. There are many ways of doing this, from wire brushes chucked in a drill (my preferred), hours of work with liberal amounts of elbow grease, and in one case I heard of, a guy punched the primer from a spent brass, welded a rod into the primer hole, chucked it in a drill, coated the casing with polishing compound, and went to town. I DON'T recommend that last method. Just because I don't see where polishing with a solid metal object could be a good thing.

    What you're having a problem with, is the goo in the chamber from storage, and the goo on the casings, are getting hot when you fire your rifle, and basically gluing the case into the chamber.

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    Laquer build up is the most probable cause. A GOOD solvent like paint thinner or (ugh) gasoline will cut the goo. The Mosin was designed as a winter rifle. American summer heat only contributes to the problem
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    Get yourself a length of 1.5 inch PVC pipe long enough to fit the barrel (might be 2 inch I can check when I get home), put a cap on the end then put the barrel in it and fill it up to the tippy top with mineral spirits and let it soak soak soak. Remember to take apart the trigger assembly So it fits in the pvc better. Don't forget to wipe it all off and get some oil on it. That's how I've degreased the 3 Mosins I have and no sticky bolt for me!
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    That might work. But what do you do with the sights that are already mounted on the barrel?
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    The old combloc surplus can split from neck down to the rim.

    I keep some old 7.62x54R brass that's split all the way down

    the side for conversation pieces. Generally, tapping lightly

    with a wooden dowel rod will dislodge the shell, but sometimes

    you just have to get a cold rolled iron rod from the hardware store

    and get down.

    The chamber absorbed cosmoline over 50 years of storage.

    After you fired a few shots, the barrel heated up,gunpowder residue

    mixed with the melting cosmoline, and caused the textbook jam.

    I've had good success cleaning it with a 20 gauge bore swab

    connected to a short section of cleaning rod. Just drop the bolt,

    (pull the trigger with the bolt in the rearward position)attach a

    drill to the cleaning rod, and let-er-rip. Water and dawn dish detergent

    works pretty well for me, followed by ATF. Dry the chamber

    and barrel after cleaning, and apply either a little Mobil1,

    or some more ATF, depending on your preference.

    And enjoy your new carbine.
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    The only part that won't fit will be the front sight, the only part that really matters is the action. Take your bolt apart and soak that as well.