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    I've been lurking for awhile now and decided to register so I could join in on the fun. Have recently gotten back in to the shooting sports and am glad to be back. Most recent purchase was a Browning A-Bolt II in .300 WinMag....wonderful shooter (vintage 1998). I've found myself lusting after something else though, and wanted to get some overall feedback from the group. I've been doing some homework online and do like what I've read. I wouldn't call it inexpensive, but I like the history of the rifle and look at it as an investment (well, at least that's how I'm selling the idea to my fiance lol).
    Specifics......2003, M21 Tactical, Sightron 6-24X42 scope mounted, extra mags included. I am not sure yet what was done, but I do know that Glenn Nelson worked it over (called Springfield Armory to run the serial number and got the background). I guess my questions would be fair market value and what specifics I should check out before sealing the deal. Do Glenn Nelson records still exist to determine what work was done, or should SA be able to provide all of those details? Any info, and yes, opinions too, would be appreciated.
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    It would all depend on the condition of the weapon.
    A brand new M21 runs around $2800 plus optics. Since you say the Sightron has a 42mm objective,it would be a Series II scope,and isn't made anymore.It would be worth around $350-400 if it's in excellent condition,but having a 1" tube,it isn't really a long range scope.It doesn't have the adjustability range that the Series III scopes do,but it does have good clear glass.

    I'd price the weapon from $1800-2000 depending on the condition.

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    Finish is pristine....not a safe queen, but well cared for. The Sightron scope appears to be in like new condition. Total of 4 magazines included (one is a 5 rd, others higher capacity). Springfield Armory is documenting it as a Super Match grade that left the factory 12/2003.

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    Congrats on a nice rifle UK. Feed it good quality ammo and you will be happy.