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There are various types of M-2 Ammunition. Most is full metal jacket 150 grain which the M-1 Garand was designed to shoot. If I am not mistaken the M-2 AP has a black tip on it. I am sure there are those here who would have more in depth knowledge of the round. I shoot my surplus M-2 in my M-1 Garands. They will shoot in your 30-06 although I may be wrong in my thinking, but I prefer not to shoot M-2 FMJ in my precision hunting rifles due to the thought of possible increased barrel wear? Shoot only copper jacketed bullets in them. So there again, I am am sure someone here can add to correcting my idea if I am just being paranoid!
After posting I noticed C-3 had also responded maybe he can expound on my thoughts and question!

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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