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  1. Trez

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    Ok im sure by now everyone knows i want a M1... i found a Springfield M1A scout in .308 the shops asking $1,400. good or bad deal? what do M1As go for about?

  2. JonM

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    1499$ is what they are selling for brand new at impact guns...

    if its NIB its prolly a fair price. used however its a little high. bore condition is everything in a used gun. ive never seen or heard of a used gun that has ever had more than a box of ammo down the pipe... a .30 cal muzzle gage is your best friend in evaluating barrel condition in .30cal rifles.

  3. lonyaeger

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    Do you want a Scout, with it's shorter 18-inch barrel.....or do you want the Standard M1A, with a 22-inch barrel? That looks like a Standard in the photo, but I can't be sure. The price on the Scout is usually a little bit lower than the Standard.