M1A Socom II or Kel-Tec RFB

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    Im in the market to replace my main rifle choice to a .308. Problem is most .308's are longer than a Cadillac and usually in the same boring aesthetically unappealing AR-15 platform. I narrowed it down to 2 choices but im having problems with the lack of knowledge of both rifles.

    With the Socom II im worried about the weight. I was told its 20lbs loaded and incredibly front heavy. although its built upon the rugged platform of the M14, i dont know how combat reliable IT is. Also no one can give me a "real" range report on one. i dont give a crap about subMOA or +1MOA, im not snipe hunting at 100 yds, is it sturdy and reliable enough that i can hit someone in the chest at 500 yds while standing up, even if i had minimal markmanship training. im sure i could derive that information from the copious "MOA" reports, but im just to damn lazy to draw the conclusions.

    I have heard nothing but good news about the Kel -Tec RFB. People seemed surprised it is a great rifle for being a bullpup, i wouldnt know never fired a BP. The action is all internal, and it boasts that it is the only rifle that will never stove pipe, whatever, mine never has either. But again i cant get an actual rugged report on it. everyone that fires it treats it like the nice china the woman lays out when we have company.

    Im looking to replace my AK and thats kinda what i want out of my replacement rifle. Something i can get dirt in and still fire it. something i can drag through a creekbed shake once if needed and lay rounds on target. I look at my weapons like the tools they are, i will use and abuse them and when i need them i expect them to work when used again. If you have to clean a rifle everytime and baby it cause thats what is expected of you for it to function properly, then its a toy and im not lookin for that. Eh, maybe i got spoiled from expecting too much from another weapon that needs to be an AK. thanks everyone.
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    I love the socom

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    Socom II in urban camo looks awesome!