M1A Scout Squad - SR Match

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  1. Salvo

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    I recently purchased an M1A Scout Squad, thinking of participating in the Service Rifle matches.

    Gloating over my new battle rifle, I glanced through the regulations concerning Service Rifle matches - and discovered that my Scout Squad was not kosher!

    It was too short for the required Over-All Length (OAL) and on top of that, muzzle-brakes are not allowed in Service Rifle matches.

    Seems like if I had a regular M1A flash-hider, and a 2" piece of steel tubing with the proper female threads on one end, and male threads on the other, I could legalize my Scout Squad for the Service Rifle matches.

    Does anybody know where I could find the piece of tubing? - I have found several sources that carry the flash-hiders.

    If someone were to market the barrel-extension tubing with a flash-hider already mounted on it, I bet that they would sell a lot of them to Scout Squad owners.
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  2. BigRedUSMC

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    Just bought one but was looking for a scout. I'd possibly consider a trade if you're interested

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    Find a machine shop in your area. They should be able to whip one out in no time if they have the right tap and die to cut the threads. If so, you will have to blue or finish it. A good gunsmith might be able to help you too. Any idea what thread it is?