M1A Barrel Question

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    Hey everyone,
    I live in Chicago and realized that I could own an M1A as long as the muzzle is not threaded, among other things. Is the muzzle of a standard/loaded/NM threaded? It looks like muzzle brakes, flash hiders etc are clamped on and not screwed onto the barrel.

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    Yes the Flash Hider on the M1-A Loaded Model is threaded. However if you are going to buy one I would contact Springfield Customer Service and ask if they could braze and pin the flash hider on the barrel. The post ban ARs under the past Bradey Bill was brazed and pinned. Which would make yours legal by technical terms.
    In addition you could probably check with Hilltop Guns Inc. in Colona IL. Ask for Terry and see what he could do for you regarding the rifle and the securing of the flash hider. Among being a dealer Terry is also a custom rifle builder and one of his specialties is M-14, M1 Garand and AR Rifles. As I said if Springfield will do that for you the dealer could work it out for you on the order.