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    Ow much would a new reproduction of a m1903a4 cost. Is it better to save and get an original or get a newer copy? Any advise would be appreciated
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    I believe gibbs rifle company sells em for right at 1k$ an authentic one will run you 5-7k$ IF you can find one that isnt a fake. Gibbs uses rewelds and parade recovered receivers.

    The real downfall of american sniper rifles right up till now has always been terrible scopes and the 03a4 was no exception. During the late 60s and early 70s it started to turn around but it wasnt really until the late 80s we starting having decent optics.

    If you really gotta have the a4 look gibbs is prolly the most cost effective and you wont be hunting down a collector rifle to tear up that would prolly run the same in money just for the base platform to build off.

    Repros have little value to anyone that collects war rifles.

    The other option is hunting around pawn shops for a poor 03 that someone bubbafied and build your own.

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    :(So true our scopes were terrible. The little orphan Weavers and Swayses etc. were crude. They were like looking at the world thru a dirty Coke bottle. The XGerman Snipers like John Unertle and Lichert brought the American military to the modern sniper scopes of the day. The USMC uses the Unertle to this day. I saw a real nice SMLE sniper rig with all the toys at Cabelas last week. It was priced at $5,000.:eek: Nice orginal 1903A3s are going for around $1,000 these days.:eek: