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Both M1A's and M1 Garrands are good rifles. So it will come down which caliber you want. I personally like both calibers (.308 Win. & .30-06) and the decision would be hard for me. New Springfield M1A's go for about $1800.00 or more. The new Springfield M1 Garrands go around the same or a bit more. Fulton Armory and Smith Enterprise M1A's are even more due to the fact that I believe they use forged recievers instead of SAI's (Springfield Armory Incorporated) investment cast recievers and are more of a "Custom build" rifle. Also Mccann Industries makes a M1 Garrand in .458 Winchester and .338 Winchester versions. I believe these are intended for hunting guide rifles. Both M1A and M1 Garrand have the same "garrand type action" and are very robust. If you could swing it, and they both shoot and are in GOOD condition I'd snag both of them for those prices.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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