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There are reproductions of the M1 Garand. Big Five was selling them maybe 10 yrs ago. I can't remember who was making them, but it seems like "Springfield Armory" -- Which is NOT the "Springfield Armory" that was making the rifles in 1947.

They're reproductions of the M1 Garand, not an M1 Garand. I expect all the parts are interchangable, but I'm not sure.

I'd be curious about the barrel change. If it's a "new gun" why change the barrel?

M-14 is nice, at $800 it seems like a deal. But I'd want to see it first. I think Springfield Armory -- NOT the govt. Springfield Armory, but the factory which bought out the name -- is making M-14's. You need to know the difference, and be able to tell one from the other.

$800 sounds low for a genuine Govt. Issue M-14. $600 sounds low for a genuine Govt. Issue Garand.

I found a 1943 GI issue Springfield Garand for $600, but that was probably 10 yrs ago.

There are private party sales out there willing to take advantage of the naive and unschooled. There are private sellers out there who don't know what they own.
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