m14/m1a/m305 muzzlebrake

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by SoL, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. SoL

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    hi there

    im just having trouble getting the damn thing off so i can crank on the suppressor

    ive undone that little hex screw that holds the castle nut, ive got the castle nut turning freely on its threads, but i cant seem to get the frontsight/muzzlebrake array to budge.

    Is it held in by some other means or do i just need to get the hammer out?

  2. Silvertip 44

    Silvertip 44 New Member

    You stated that you have removed the hex screw and that the castellated nut is loose so you are almost there.
    Clamp the barrel in the padded jaws of a vice and using a small block of hardwood, tap lightly from behind the bayonet lug if it has one or from behind the front sight base forward with a small hammer. You might have to loosen the castellated nut more to get it completely off the threads when the brake starts to move.
    The splines could have been peened or there might be red loctite there as well. Just be careful. If you can't move it, take it to a competent smith.