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  1. CourtJester

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    Anyone ever shot one? Any info you can offer on accuracy or just general history of the firearm would be cool.
    I found one today and picked it up because its something different that I don't have.

  2. c3shooter

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    I take it you have an H&R M12?

    Winchester had been supplying the US military with their Model 52. Used as a trainer rifle.
    Winchester had the contract to supply "replacements" for .22 training rifles without competitive bid.
    The Army wanted to order more Win 52D/E models to replace rifles that were worn out.
    Winchester said "no.. not interested... at all."... Gave up the contract.

    Then the Army was forced to open it up for bid.
    H&R "cloned" the Win 52 with their M5200, and so the H&R M12 was born.

    Stocks are as ugly as a salt treated fence post. Extremely good rifles. May need some trigger tune up, but can run with $2500 rifles. Not a lot of them made.

  3. CourtJester

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    Cool. Thank you. I've heard that they are said to be super accurate but that's about all I've heard about them. Sound like it may have been $200 well spent.