M11/9 SMG .22 conversion kit

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  1. gunsmokeer

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    Does anybody have any recent experience with the Fleming .22 conversion kit for the Cobray or MAC M11/9, MAC-10, and similar weapons?
    This is the replacement barreled upper that uses Ruger 10/22 magazines feeding in through the side. Here's a link. www.subcal.com

    I had one years ago, and it was junk. I returned it with an angry letter and they gave me my money back. But I still like the idea of such a kit. I just want the darn thing to be properly machined and polished so that it will work. I see they're on the market again, for twice the price that I paid 15 years ago. Maybe for the higher price they've built them right? I'm almost ready to take the chance again. Has anybody else?
  2. Righteous

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    Thats a interesting idea but I have never heard of anybody using those what so ever. Pretty expensive compared to other upper conversions for the MAC-10, Think I stick with the 9mm since its still priced right.

  3. KingTiger

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    Here's a dissertation on folks trying to get their Fleming kits running - good luck - doesn't sound like much has changed for the better.


    I've been on the waiting list for about 8 months for a .22 conversion kit for my Lage upper that will use a barrel insert. I think they're about to start beta testing the mags for it shortly. I think they'll be 40 rounds. I just wish they'd hurry up before bad things possibly happen in November. Richard Lage will not release a product before it runs 110% however.
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    I think Richard Lage has a .22 kit either in the works or for sale now. His products are top notch and worth a look!
  5. MrM4

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    Check out the uzitalk.com site, Richard Lage of Lage Manufacturing has one that will coming out soon as will the Practical Solutions Conversion.