M1 ROCKOLA carbine and Paratrooper carbine

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    This one is for the Rockola crowd. I have heard the M1 Rockola carbine is considered a rare find. This one has the Rockola reciever but an underwood barrel. Overall it is a good looking rifle. I think I am going to pick this one up along with an M1 paratrooper carbine with matching reciever and barrel manufacturers. Both are going for $750 a piece. I know it is hard for anybody to value these rifles with the little info I have given. What should I look out for?
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    The CMP was selling Rock-ola carbines for about $675. It's considered one of the must haves, but they aren't scarce. It's just the idea of a jukebox maker producing a weapon. If you don't need a Rock-ola, the CMP still has National Postal Meter, IBM, Saginaw, Inland, Underwood, and Quality Hardware service grades available for less than $750. The catch is you need to belong to an affiliated club unless you're active or retired mil. There's also a three to six month wait to have it shipped.

    The paratrooper, I know nothing about it.

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    If Paratrooper is original stock its a steal. Rockolas arent rare by any means but are sought after by some. Cant give values withot more info. If they are non Import marked , arsenal rebuilds, in good condition with low muzzle wear (need to gauge the muzzle) they are worth around $700.00
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    RE: M1 Carbines

    IIRC, Underwood made the most, Irwin-Pederson the least (just 4K or so). You can find the amounts from each of the 11 makers on-line (takes a bit if work to find).

    A para carbine for $750 means a reproduction stock. An original para folding stock would bring around $1K, if not more (matching bbl & receiver would add even more value).

    Sounds like you're looking at a late-war/post-war model, with the Rock-Ola receiver and Underwood barrel. When it was clear we were going to win (late 1944), production was halted and the parts from all were combined to build as many as they could, so you'll find many with parts from all makers. You'll also find some with the original maker lined out and the 2nd maker's mark below.

    Who makes the para receiver? Clearly, the more parts from the same maker, the higher price you can ask. You'd need to look at every part, as every part was required to have the maker's mark.

    I've owned Underwood (twice), National Postal Meter, and Winchester carbines. Prices range from $600-800. IMHO, $750 is high for either.

    Also, post more details and pix. That gives us a better idea of what you might have, if the owner will let you look (if NOT, that would be a warning to me).