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m1 garand op rod

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i just bought a m1 garand last month. i shot it 40 times without a problem. when i took it apart to clean it i noticed the op rod was bent. yesterday i took it to the range and after the first shot the rod disconneced from the bolt. im new to garands and am confused. what caused this? and is it fixable? or do i need to order a new op rod?
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What ammo were you using? Commercial .30-06 is likely loaded with a powder unsuitable for the Garand. The Garand is intended to use ammo loaded with powder with a specific burn rate and corresponding pressure curve. Slow powders can and will bed the op rod.
You should shoot only M-2 ball ammo or handloads with 4895 powder (either IMR or Hodgdon).
Time for a new op rod. Live and learn.
the ammo i have is from serbia. its 150 fmj. dont know if its mil surplus or civillian. i heard something about gettin a modified op rod or something that can handle modern ammo. have you heard anything about one or know where i can get one?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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