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    Just left my local gunstore and they have in stock a small number of M1 Carbines in various condition ranging from 400 to 799. Got my eye on the best one for 799, mint condition with 3 mags and original od green military sling. The others were pretty beat up and one had some kind of heat shield thing on it in place of the wood on the top. I nearly bought one about 5 years ago at this same store for 400 in ok condition and didnt and have been kicking myself since then for not buying it. My wifes uncle said i should have the bore mic'ed said there was a batch of 3 to 4 thousand rifles out of alabama last year that had totally wore out bores. The bore on this one was shiny and the rifling i could see looked good with the naked eye.

    Anyone know anything about them? Ive heard the carbine was criticized for not having alot of knockdown power but the guy at the gunstore said they shoot good and are fun to shoot.
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    This is a whole field of study unto itself- sort of like asking "anybody know anything about cars?"

    The .30 carbine is basically a fairly peppy pistol round. IMHO, underpowered for deer- fun to shoot, but alas that endless ocean of CHEEP Milsurp ammo has gone away.

    There are MILITARY carbines- made in WW 2 for the US, and there are civilian carbines- made after the war. Possibly the most notorious of those were the Universal carbine- started off using milsurp parts, and then design changed, parts do not interchange.

    Metal handguard will usually mean a civilian carbine- which sells for much less.

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    there are currently korean war carbines making their way to shops. these are guns that the cmp considered too far gone to even use for parts. dunham's has been buying these and selling them at collector prices.

    two things you can do to check the bore. get a bore gage for .30 cal or get a cartridge for the rifle in question. if the bullet will go in the muzzle up to the brass then its shot out or counterbored. a gage will tell you the exact condition of the bore.

    most carbines have shot out bores.

    when it comes to m1 carbines you REALLY need to know what your looking at or bring someone who does. there are far more mixmasters being passed off to the unsuspecting as real collectables than you can shake a stick at.

    if you dont want the hassle of educating yourself on the M1 then i ould strongly suggest getting one from the cmp.
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    See the new Citadel Chiappa M1 in .22LR ??

    New citadel M1 22lr carbine - RimfireCentral.com Forums

    Eons ago I bought a BlueSky Imports Inland M1 at Woolworths outside of Pittsburgh. Fun shooter, but even back then - ammo was expensive. Sold it for what I paid for it and never looked back.

    I stick to guns I can readily find ammo for at WalMart for their prices.
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    The one i was looking at was an inland. I like the history behind them, even though ammo might be a little bit higher.
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    I bought an Israeli surplus M1 from SOG last year. Although it is not mint I is a whole lot of fun to shoot.
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    Reminds me of the Erma Werks / Iver Johnson M1 Carbine .22 from the 80's (I have a mint version in my gun safe with only about 500 rounds thru it!)