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    I was given a 30 caliber carbine about 25 years ago, it is not an
    original it is a national ordnance, it had been in the trunk of a rusty
    old car for a long time, I cleaned it up and put it away. Last week
    I took it out to shoot for the first time, I also took my alpine 30
    carbine, The alpine has always been a good shooter and never
    had any problems. The national will not cock the hammer when
    a round is fired but it will eject the case and chamber a new
    round. Sometime it will fire 2 or 3 rounds like a full auto. When
    I work the slide by hand it will chamber a round, eject, and cock the
    hammer every time. I took off the trigger housing and it looked
    like everything is working like it should. I hope someone out there
    can help me because today every firearm is valuable. I'm new here
    and dont know my way around this forum yet.

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    Chuck- first, welcome to the forums. When you get a chance, stop over at the intro page and say howdy.

    Second, not to scare you, but get the carbine to a gunsmith. Possible problem with with the gas piston and/or the trigger group. Someone MAY have attempted a "Bubba" gunsmithing of the trigger group. If the carbine is doubling or tripling, and not being held in the cocked position, the hammer is riding the bolt home. You do NOT want to be found with a weapon that is doing burst fire. We would see you on the evening news doing the perp walk.

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    I do not know that much about the M-1 Carbine but know who does. He could also fix the rifle if you would choose.
    Here is the contact: Terry Douglas at Hilltop Guns Inc. Colona IL. 309-949-2556. Terry has a collection of M1-Carbines and is a master when it comes to working and history on the M-1 Carbine, M-1 Garand, M1-A, (M-14) AR-15s and other weapons. He was also the Senior Armorer and Armorer Supervisor for a well known AR Manufacturer for years! His skills are unmatched. Thought I would let the other FTF members know about this if they need work on any of the above.

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    I would like to get the parts and fix it myself, but just to be safe
    I know a gunsmith that does the same as MR. TERRY DOUGLAS,
    he is MARK HARTMAN at JAMES RIVER ARMORY he has done
    work for me before and he does restoration of WW2 rifles. How do I
    get to the intro page??