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    Don't know if this would be the right place to ask this question but here goes. I looked at an M1 carbine by winchester today, it had a low serial #, no bayonet lug and the rear sight flipped back and forth with no other adjustments. I have looked online , but have not seen one with this rear sight . Can buy for $500.00 . How do I tell if it was military issue?
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    Not a carbine expert.

    The early carbines did not have a bayonet lug. The L shaped sight was preset for 100/ 300 yards, and was an attempt at economy. Winchester was ONE of the companies that made over 6 million of these for the US Military. There are all sorts of variations- high wood/low wood, flat bolt/ round bolt, sights, bayonet lugs, and even the full auto M2.

    What year is marked on this one? Cannot recall Winchester ever making one for the civilian market. A few companies did- AFTER the war.

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    If it's a Winchester, it's military issue. Early M1 carbines had the flip type sights and newer versions had the ramp style adjustable sights. The bayonet lugs were also a newer addition.

    $500. is an excellent price if it's mostly original and in good shape. What condition is it in? How's the barrel and crown, does it operate smoothly? Is the wood in good shape and are there any markings on it? Rust? Pitting?

    Also check the magazine release and safety. If the safety is the push type, that is correct for an early model. The newer models had a turn or twist type of safety because too many guys were hitting the mag release rather than the safety and dropping their mags.