m1 carbine universal

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    I have always wonted an M1 carbine just because of where it was developed. You have to love a gun that was started in prison. I never read up on them till now. I was at the LGS selling an ar lower that I did not need and they had an M1 carbine universal on the rack. I traded the lower for the M1. Now I am reading up on the M1 universal and found it is a gen 2. This gun was intended to be a backup for if the SHTF, and for the thought that I have one that started life in prison. The gun is in good condition and had a tag for 395.00 on it.
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    I recently bought one of them also. I paid $200 but traded it off the same day on a mini-14

  3. robocop10mm

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    Universal Carbines are NOT M1 Carbines. Almost none of the parts from the M1 carbine fit. They look like 'em, but ain't the same. Some folks love their Universals, others have nothing but trouble.
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    I would not invest in a Universal rifle. Many will not even accept Mil-Surp magazines. They have many problems and the parts are hard to find.
    Get a real "War Baby" M-1 Carbine.:)