M1 carbine repair

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  1. CHUCK70

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    On the advice of members on this forum I took my carbine to a gunsmith,
    he replaced the sear sping and told me the old one had been cut. I took
    the carbine and ten rounds to my range, when I pulled the trigger it
    fired 2 rounds, another pull of the trigger it fired 3 rounds. I took the
    trigger housing apart again and stoned the contact surfaces to make
    sure they were square and straight, It did not help,I took the trigger
    housing apart again and still found nothing wrong. When I started to
    put it back together I noticed there was no side clearance on the trigger
    or the hammer,I removed them and stoned both sides inside the housing,
    both sides of the trigger and both sides of the hammer. I reassembled
    the carbine and took it and 10 rounds out again, it loaded, fired and
    ejected 1 round each time I pulled the trigger, (so far so good,) I think
    I'll try 10 more, again 1 shot with each pull of the trigger. I really hope
    this is the fix. THANKS GUYS:)
  2. dnthmn2004

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    Glad to hear your problem is solved! Make sure you can repeat the 'one round per one trigger pull'. God forbid the BATFE comes knocking on your door. :rolleyes:

  3. JonM

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    might also check with a empty chamber giving it a sharp rap on a carpeted floor to ensure the sear doesnt disengage.