M1 Carbine - currently regulated? soon to be banned?

Discussion in 'Maryland Gun Forum' started by JosephMD, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. JosephMD

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    I have all the guns I need, but there might be a few that I want. The M1 Carbine has always been on my list. The consensus is that Maryland's soon to be signed firearms restrictions ban all currently regulated long guns. I don't see the M1 Carbine on the list. Anyone a little more in the know than myself? IE: if you bought one from a dealer in Maryland and you had to wait 7 days, that isn't good news. If it is going to be banned, I'll obtain one immediately, otherwise, there are a few others on the ban list that I'd probably add to the collection first.

    Thanks all - J
  2. zebramochaman

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    7 day wait you say? This is day 42 and I am still waiting for the NICS clearance on the transfer of my 1911.
    For more info on the specifics of SB281 go to mdshhoters.com. You will have until 10/1/13 to buy the banned weapons.

  3. Yunus

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    Lowers, buy lowers. Also remember the rules about limits if your not an official collector. What is it 1 per 30 days?