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    I have an M1 carbine that needs re-barreled. Will any M1 carbine barrel interchange? I don;t want to buy a barrel that will not fit. Help
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    Im not big on this subject but if you need a new barrel you may need to make one from scratch or have one made for you obviously by a gunsmith. I dont know much about the M1 so you may be able to interchange a barrel but i wouldnt count on it unless you find out for sure. Good luck

  3. c3shooter

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    Depends on who made your carbine. If it is a GI carbine, then any GI barrel should fit. Universal- sorry, probably not. Planfield? GI barrel requires some machining.

    If you are not a smith, I would urge you to find a smith to do this. There are specialized tools for removing a barrel without detroying the receiver. There is also the issue of indexing the barrel so the gas piston ends up at 6 o'clock exactly.

    Companies like this will supply barrel and install for $315

    DGR Barrels - Dean's Gun Restorations
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    This is probably not they time or place to ask a question but my grandfather said that his m1 was produced by singer. I've looked on the internet and everything I find says singer never made carbines just 1911's so does anyone know if singer actually produced any carbines. If not I am pretty sure I won't be able to convince him otherwise.
  5. c3shooter

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    Companies that made carbines for US military-

    Inland Division, General Motors (production: 2,632,097), sole producer of the M1A1 Carbine. Receiver marked "INLAND DIV."
    Winchester Repeating Arms (production: 828,059) Receiver marked "WINCHESTER"[64]
    Irwin-Pedersen (operated by Saginaw Steering Gear and production included with Saginaw total)
    Saginaw Steering Gear Division General Motors (production: 517,213 ) Receivers marked "SAGINAW S.G." (370,490) and "IRWIN-PEDERSEN" (146,723 )
    Underwood Elliot Fisher (production: 545,616) Receiver marked "UNDERWOOD"
    National Postal Meter (production: 413,017) Receiver marked "NATIONAL POSTAL METER"
    Quality Hardware Manufacturing Corp. (production: 359,666) Receiver marked "QUALITY H.M.C."
    International Business Machines (production: 346,500) Receiver marked "I.B.M. CORP." Also barrel marked "IBM Corp"
    Standard Products (production: 247,100) Receiver marked "STD. PRO."
    Rock-Ola Manufacturing Corporation (production: 228,500) Receiver Marked "ROCK-OLA" [65]
    Commercial Controls Corporation (production: 239) Receiver marked "COMMERCIAL CONTROLS"

    Now, having said that, please don't correct your grandad. He has that set in his mind- and it does not harm anything.
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