M1 Carbine barrel change

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing Forum' started by JonM, Feb 29, 2012.

  1. JonM

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    ive got a complete carbine that seriously needs a new barrel and a receiver that also needs a new barrel.

    i would like to diy it. getting a barrel, wrench, block doesnt seem to be the issue its finding a damn reamer to finish the headspacing!!

    brownells has regular reamers but you gotta continually mount and dismount the barrel. while its a lot of work its not undoable. does it hurt to keep torquing it down and undoing to ream and check headspace until its right?? or should i try and find a nearly non-existant pull reamer??

    price of getting both barrels mounted is the same as buying the tools and diy. i prefer diy its more fun and expands my knowledge base of firearms
  2. masterPsmith

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    You do not have to completely torque the barrel while checking headspace when you are finish reaming your chamber. I have re-barreled too many M1 Carbines through the years to count. Use a finish reamer and go easy. If you go too far, you will have to set the barrel back and start again. If you have any questions, shoot be a PM.