M&P9 9mm vs Glock 17/19

Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by Church, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. Church

    Church New Member

    Does anyone have an opinion on which gun is best. Most reliable, durable, etc.
  2. 1HotMama

    1HotMama New Member

    A better bet for this question would have been "does anyone NOT have an opinion..." ;) Glock lovers in this corner, glock haters in this corner. I want a clean fight (in my boxing referee voice)
    Seriously though, they are both well made, reliable polymer pistols and pretty equally matched. I'm a Glock girl bc that's my preference after shooting both.

  3. msup752

    msup752 New Member

    I'm a Glock fan but have never held an M&P. Based on friends testimonies, they are great guns. Both brands will serve you well. Try the grips and, if intending to carry concealed, the overall size and weight and pick one. They are about the same price as well. My G19 4th gen and G17c 3rd gen have been flawless.
    There is no wrong answer to your question and no bad choice in either one so win for you either way!