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    I recently acquired this pistol(won it). I had the choice of it or a glock 30s and choose this because it it feels better and I like the serrations. They are basically the same size. I have a soft spot for S&W and American made guns. I own and carry glocks and S&W.

    I have an M&P9 fullsize with a ton if rounds through it. The only internal modification is an apex RAM. The trigger is broken in and awesome, breaks like glass.

    With the 45c the trigger seems stiffer from the factory and I tried to install an apex ram but the sear block won't accept them on the 45 models.

    Does anyone have any experience with apex triggers in the 45 models specifically? My 9 has spoiled me. Is the competition spring kit all that is needed to improve? I'm not usually a trigger job person but this one is a little heavy for my taste.

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