M&P40, P250 or SR40

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    Looking at getting another hand gun within a week and here are three that I like so far. I have a glock 19 and want a 40. Shot the sig today and the M&P yesterday. At this point I am leaning towards the Sig over the m&p. Any others that I may be overlooking? Don't want To have more than 5 to chose from. This next gun I want to also Cary and that is why I also like the sig it 1/2 inch shorter than my glock.
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    I recommend you look at the Sig and a Ruger SR40 at some local gun shops and see which one feels the best to you and has the features you want. With the Ruger you will get more saftey features than the Sig such as the magazine disconnect, loaded chamber indicator, and cocked indicator. The Sig will be more like a Glock in terms of being more "dehorned". Trigger wise that's up to you to see what you like. I have experience with the Ruger SR series and the Ruger SR9c was my first handgun so I lean more towards Ruger since it has a lot of the features I like and a great trigger IMO. You might want to take a look at the Glock 23 since it's going to be basically identical to the Glock 19. The reason for this is once you find a system that works it's a good idea to stay with the same system instead of jumping around from system to system for carry so that way you'll get use to one system and be more effective with it.

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    I bought a P250 2Sum I liked them, I actually carried a P250 sub-compact for well over a year, The trigger pull didn't bother me, It was also very smooth and even, I also like the idea of being able to swap out the frame and cal.
    Everything I have heard about Ruger is good, But I have no real hands on with it or the M&P.
    Were you going to look into another .40S&W?
    It never bothered my that the P250 didnt have any safetys other than the one between my ears, I carry a XD40sc and it has all sorts of safetys, Not that its an issue either, But if you like the safetys...
    Best of luck
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    Firearms4ever i agree with you. Since you plan on carrying this, i would think about staying with what you know
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    Just picked up the Beretta Px4 at a gun shop and I fell in love. I have not shot it so I am just going off how it felt it in my hands. Any pros or cons on the PX4?????
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    Since you mentioned the SR40 in the title of the thread, I'd like to suggest the SR40c which is an excellent CC gun.

    Edit: Sorry, I just saw your post above mine and you said you already picked up the Beretta.
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    AIKIJUTSU New Member

    The PX4 should be a good choice. For anybody out there on a budget, a Stoeger 8040 Cougar would be a good choice. It's about $450 or a little less, and is, in fact, a Beretta made by a company in Turkey. It, like the PX4, uses a rotating-barrel lockup, so it doesn't have the Browning tilt-barrel motion that can make a gun picky about what kind of ammo (bullet weight/velocity) it uses. Mine is among the most accurate of the 26 guns I have.
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    Because this is for carry, the first thing you need to figure out is what type of frame you'll actually want to carry. For many people, thickness is more of a deterrent than length. Until you make a habit of carrying in various situations, it's difficult to gauge exactly what will make a good carry gun for you. That's why many of us have about 3 different carry guns to accomodate season and attire.

    Good carry 40sw's that aren't so small as micros:

    Double-stack poly: Glock, SW M&P, XD, Ber PX4, FNP, Ruger SR40c, etc.
    Double-stack alloy: Sig P229 and CZ 2075 Rami are good compact options.
    Slimmer Single stacks: Walther PPS40, Sig P239, Kahr CW40

    I would have confidence in the function of any of the above guns. So it's just a case of whether you like the fit and the size/weight works for you. Almost all of these guns can easily be found for under $600. The Walther may be a little north of $600, and the Sigs are $600 used/$750+ new. I'm a Sig fan but not real big on the P250. Maybe that's just personal preference, but I prefer the P2022 when it comes to poly Sigs.

    If you really like the fit and feel of your G19, it's tough to go wrong with a G23/27. I'm not a Glock fan personally, but I'll say this much: The Glock 19/23 might not be perfect for any one thing, but they're excellent utility pistols that can adequately fill a wide range of roles. A G23/27 can also be easily converted to 9mm or 357sig with the addition of a $125 barrel.