M&P 9mm Pro "Optics" help....

Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by newguy22, May 17, 2011.

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    I am looking for a laser or some type of help shooting my M&P9mm. I have trouble shooting the "Iron Sights" because I can't see them very well. I would like to hear some input regarding a laser sight. Not sure how much I need to spend to get something good enough without spending too much. Any suggestions?

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    Well, this will be the high end of the spectrum, but I'm very happy with the Crimson Trace grip on my M&P40c.

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  4. sweeper22

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    If you want a high end laser only setup, go with Crimson Trace (grips) or Lasermax (guide rod). I'd imagine you can probably find either for a little under $300. These are spendy, but their value is that they minimally alter the feel and balance of your gun.

    The other option is a rail mounted setup. Unless you want a tac-light, stay as small and light as possible. If you want a tac light/laser, I recommend the Sig Sauer STL-900L. Bright 130 lumen light, strobe, laser...and you can get it here for about $100+ cheaper than anywhere else I've seen.

    Here's my P226 w/STL-900L. A little bulky, but a great nightstand setup.
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    I receintly received my M&P 9 ct (Crimson Trace) . I went the route of getting it from the factory at the wife's urging. She already has the CTs on her J frame. We are gettin' old, had the cataract surgery and just now put the glucoma drops in- gettin' old is the berries!. The CT are great except in bright sunlight and when snow covers everything. At twilight they do well out to at least 100 yds- furthest I've tried. Right now the 9 is on the hip with the laser off. Any low light conditions-fantastic addition!
    Another option would be to get a small red dot installed. They can be tiny, weigh almost nothing, and if the one on my Ruger is any indication work on any background.. There was a post from a gentleman who had one installed on his Glock and it looked good and apparently worked.
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    A couple of options would be a micro that fits on the rail, the issue with these is finding a holster that will accept them. Another is guide rod laser, I haven't use one but like the idea that it doesn't change the profile of the pistol. LaserMax has both for the M&P and they make a good product. The micro will run about $100 -150, the guide god will run about $300.

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