m&p 9c vs. shield

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  1. easterner123

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    I am looking at getting one of these two pistols. I noticed the shield is more compact and cheaper, but has less magazine capacity. I have also heard good things about the 9c. I will have the S&W M&P9 as a duty gun so I am looking for something concealable with similar controls. Any advice? What would you be willing to pay for the both of them?
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    easterner123, I used to own a 40c and also a 9 shield. I was not all that impressed with the Shield--good quality gun but pretty big for no mag capatity. The 40 C-same size as the 9c was a really nice gun and if it had been a 9C I would still have it.so draw your own conclusions.

    you can uses your duty gun mags in the 9c.
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  3. jfinch2377

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    I own a Shield, and it's not that much smaller than say a Glock 26. One ounce lighter, a bit thinner, but a bit taller. Nice shooting gun though.