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  1. jakebrake

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    anyone here own one? i've been seriously considering one, but nobody in my area has one i can test drive. i'd rather ask someone who owns one, than trust a magazine review.

    i'm old school. going fullsize.
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  2. Car54

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    I don't own one but my B.I.L has the M&P 9's full size and compact and 40's full size and compact.

    IMO they are very comfortable to shoot and are quite accurate. Try to get to a range that rents guns and try them out. I personally like the 40 better and so does B.I.L.

  3. WDB

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    I've owned two of the 9C and both I was guilted out of, one my daughter caries daily and the second now belongs to my daughter inlaw. I carry the 45 full size version of this pistol and I'm on my second one, my son now owns the first one I purchased. IMHO this is a truly dependable pistol that fits the hand well. A pistol I trust my life with.

    As alway best to get your hands on one and shoot it to see if it fits you. Look for a range that rents pistols, even if it is a few hours drive it is worth the time. Nothing worse than buying a pistol that doest fit you, your expereince or your situation.
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  4. beaglesam

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    I own an M&P 9 and a 40 both full size. They are great shooters I've never had an issue with either one. The 40 I bought used for $375. You can't go wrong with a Smith they have a lifetime warranty.
  5. Mr. Bluesky

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    I own an M&P9 Pro Series. It's the same as the M&P9L, the model with the 5" barrel, except that the factory trigger gets a little tune-up before they sell it. I've really enjoyed it so far; it's accurate, fits my hand nicely, and eats anything I feed it.
  6. bgeddes

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    Same here...
  7. robocop10mm

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    You will find the "out of the box" trigger to be a little heavier than the typical Glock. I have found that after a decent break in period the M&P triggers are much better than Glock. There are aftermarket parts that will improve the feel of the trigger reset (about $30).

    As far as fitting your hand? With the interchangeable back straps, there is little chance you cannot find a configuration that does not work for you.
  8. Alchemist

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    Most ranges that rent have M&P 9's...
  9. scherfinator

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    Just purchased an M&P45 and love it!!!!!! I carry a sig 229 and for years carried Glocks. I was contemplating the m&p or a glock. Got this M&P dirt cheap and its worth every penny. Shoots great and for what they cost you are getting a great deal. Mt next purchase will be the m&p9 threaded barrel.
  10. sailor353

    sailor353 New Member

    I own a 9c and think it is great. The only prob I had with it was the mags with a flat base plate tended to ride up in my hand when firing it. The pinky extension stopped that.
  11. newguy22

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    "Jake" I saw your post and I also shoot the M&P9 pro and the Mark III comp. Do you shoot the M&P in competition? Also, do you use any type of optic, laser or sights?

  12. WDbeej

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    Bought an M&P9 last month, put 300 rds through it so far. This is my first gun and have had it out twice (maybe third time tomorrow). Second time out put 34 rds (two full mags) into a group smaller than my hand at 7 yards.
    Gun feels great in my hand and is fun to shoot. Only issue I have is that I am not locking my wrists enough according to the gunsmith I questioned. Both times out, I was able to get the slide to rack the first round as I slapped a new magazine into the pistol.
    To clarify, after expending the last round from a magazine, the slide would lock open as it should. When I put the next magazine into the gun and smacked it into place, the slide would release and slide forward, chambering the next round. I WAS NOT TOUCHING THE SLIDE RELEASE. The gunsmith examined the pistol, fired three magazines through it and was not able to replicate this issue. It has happened both times I have been at the range.
    This is being labled as user error, but I am keeping an eye on it.
  13. WDbeej

    WDbeej New Member

    BTW, I was able to get a NIB M&P9 Carry and Range kit for $509 + tax. Kit includes pistol, 3 magazines, Bladetech holster & matching magazine holster, Maglula loader & ear protection. See picture in my post in Range Report.
  14. msup752

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    I just watched an episode of Top Shot where they were using the M&P 40 and I saw the mags being inserted and the slide would release without being manipulated.
    I have had this issue with one of my Glocks. It seemed that if the magazine was inserted with enough force and/or at a specific angle to bump the slide off the catch.
  15. cswann1

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    Love my M&P 9. Has been flawless for 3 years.

    The Pro is worth the extra $ for the factory installed night sights and trigger tune. However, a careful beginner with some 800 grit can do a lot with the standard trigger. 800 grit may sound too coarse, but once the area you are working with gets loaded with metal particles you are really getting more like 1500.
  16. Donn

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    Have a full size and Compact 9. Both are comfortable to shoot and group well. I never encountered the trigger issues some have with the M&P's, maybe because all I had to compare them to were my 1911's. Not getting into the "which brand is better" debate. All I can say is my M&P's have never let me down, dependable right out of the box.
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  17. bones72

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    I have the 9c and love it . It's very good shooter .... Very happy with it one of the best handguns around for the money :)