M&P 15-22 Range Report and Review

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    I really value every single review that it is written that is all over the web as it helps determine (for me) quite a bit of my purchases.

    This review is primarily on the Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22, mine is the Magpul MOE version in FDE. Also, I am in no way an "expert", just an avid shooter and this is fully in my opinion.

    I am reviewing my M&P and the accessories and goodies I have put on it before shooting it. Starting with the firearm.

    S&W M&P 15-22 Magpul MOE in FDE - I will start by saying that i found this gun online and did my first online gun purchase through Buds Gun shop. They receive an A+ for super fast shipping, best price I could find, and spot on communication during my purchase. I took the rifle to the range today for the first time with 1,500 rounds of Federal Bulk ammo and used every bit of it. Not a single FTF, FTE, or any malfunction of any sort. This rifle is as accurate as I am (at least up to 100 yards at the range I was at) and is a whole lot of fun to shoot. The rifle is very light, breaks down and operates just like my AR, has a threaded barrel (suppressor coming soon) and best of all, extremely cheap to shoot. I shoot at AR500 steel reactive targets which were set up at 50, 75, and 100 yards and are 6" round. Hard to determine an exact grouping with the steel targets, but the paint on all 3 was chipped off in about 3" groups from dead center after sighting in my optic. I also did some co-witness with the Magpul MBUS sights and they are great and accurate right out of the box on my rifle. Bottom of the line, if you are considering a .22 rifle that you can deck out with all the goodies of an AR $400-$500 is worth every penny for this rifle.

    Optics: I ordered a Vortex Strikefire for this rifle and it has not come in yet. Well, I was fooling around and saw a local guy selling an EOTech 552 that was brand new for stupid cheap, had to buy it. Eventually this will end up on my AR .556 rifle, but i threw it on the M&P .22 for today's range session and honestly, I would love to keep it there ! The EOTech sights are awesome, I have never owned one before now, and I see the light !! Quick acquisition on targets, sight picture is great, the 1 MOA dot did not cover up 6" target at 100 yards even, which was nice. I know they are expensive, but the EOTech sights are well worth the money in my opinion now.

    Magpul AFG-2: Excellent designed product for a shooter. I currently have a standard foregrip (pistol grip style) on my AR and thought I would try out the Magpul AFG for the .22. I now have one on the way for my full sized AR, the standard foregrip was a waste of money compared to this product. I finally realized that my normal way of holding the rifle (especially under a stress situation) is to reach up and grab the handguard area of the rifle and not a pistol grip hanging down. Also, when getting on target fast and staying there accurately, having your hand up by the handguard is much better in my opinion. This is where the AFG shines, it allows you to move the front of the weapon around fast and efficiently, while having your hand in a comfortable position that grips perfectly.

    I hope that this review is efficient and understanding enough for anyone interested in these products.

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    Good to heat I'm thinking of getting an m&p 15 sport . So it good to know the 22 is well made

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    I also have an M&P AR .556. It's a great rifle.
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    FWIW, I have a number or .22 rifles and pistols (probably a dozen) and I have found the "tactical" 15-22 to be a very nice gun and has become my favorite, though it's a close call between the 15-22 and my Henry Golden Boy. It's accurate, light weight, has room for accessories w/o adding aftermarket mounts and with the AR style butt stock, I can adjust the gun to fit me, my wife or my three kids by simply sliding it to the best position for the particular shooter.

    Personally, I wish S&W would make a 15-22 in 22WMR. I'd be the first in line to order one since I think the WMR is a perfect compromise between the little .22LR and the "big" .223/5.56 center fire rounds. In my view a 15-22 in .22MAG would make an outstanding small game/varmint gun, give you added range and punch over the 22LR w/o having to go to a center fire round and if you were to hit an intruder with a proper SD round like the Hornady Critical Defense round, you get similar results to the .38SPL according to the stats.