M-1 carbine 30 cal.

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    Just a few questions:1-Is the m-1 carbine 30 cal. as powerful as a 357 magnum bullet and if so is its range much much greater and accurate?
    2-I want to use the m-1 carbine for hunting,I plan to use the accelorator bullets which I understand have a flat trajegetory, I'm using a scope and want to zero the rifle at 100 yards,would this be a recomanded bullet or should I use the standard soft point which are considered legal for hunting.
    3-Could I expect a good shot group with the m-1 carbine with soft nose bullets at 100 yards if I was considered a good marksman.
    4-All things considered with the m-1 carbine can I rely on its accuracy to do or equal some of the more modern rifles such as the 223 caliber or 7 mm.
    5- The method to this maddness is that I've been told that the m-1 carbine
    is low rated and ineffeciant for hunting,I am curious to know if the m-1 carbine is a formidable rifle for hunting purposes as I will be using a 4x25 scope with it.Thanks any and all answers will be appreciated.
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    M-1 Carbine

    The 357mag and the 30 Carbine are close in regards to energy. In fact a friend and I shot at police armor vest at 25 yrds. The Carbine went through the armor and the 357 did not. Using a rn bullet, the velocity will drop very fast. I do not know if the Hornady 110 GR V-Max would increase it that much and even if it would feed. They make a great turkey gun if you are allowed to hunt them with a rifle.
    I would say not to use one and if you do, not over 40yrds. I just like clean kills.

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    In my opinion the m-1 carbine is only adequate for small game such as rabbits chucks and alike. I have never seen an accelerator cartridge for the .30 carbine and if there was one would do nothing for its ability as a hunting cartridge. Accelerator bullets are normally 22 cal bullets (55 gr) inserted into a .30 caliber plastic sabot. In the bigger 30 calibers you can get good velocity (over 3500fps) and preformance comparible to the 22 center fires. The 30 carbine is very limited in bullet weight 110grs because of the gas semi auto system. 110 grs at max 2000fps with its round nose design is bearly adequate for people and clearly not enough to hunt deer and any other comparible game. The 357 mag on the other hand can be loaded with wide range of bullets up to 180 gr. and in a lever action carbine would be an adequate short range deer cartridge. Still if I was new to the game I would start with at least a 30-30 and even larger if possible. Your m-1 is a great little rifle and probably one of the most fun guns to shoot and learning how to be a rifleman.:)
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    The .30 carbine is every bit the equal of a .357 and works good for intended purpose-close range defense only or smaller game at close range. I would NOT choose it for deer hunting however.