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So im running around everywhere local trying to find some walnut media to clean my brass with. No pet stores have any walnut bedding, just bigger sized corncob(bought it).
Finally i hit a LGS a lil further then i wanted to travel, and thev got one box of Lyman's Tuffnut. Hooray!!, but wait.....

Filling up the bowl of the 1200 pro (lyman) with the crimson colored walnut shells i notice its quite dusty.Still in my glory 2hours later from finding some media, i shut the tumbler off to take a look at 200 pieces of brass i threw in with the tuffnut.

Inatially when i see them im happy asa clam in mud, but after closer inspection i notice its left that crappy residue inside the casing!!
It was totally like," Yeaaa"!!!!......"Awwwww" kinda deal.

I guess now im kinda bitter sweet about the whole deal. Guess id rather have pet bedding with no polish-dye-crap on the shellz.

Dont get me wrong it did a great job cleanin the outside, but felt like it made the inside worse almost.
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